Welcome to the Evangelista Clinic


We are specialists in Philippine Hilot -a unique deep tissue massage therapy technique use widely in the Philippines.We are the only licensed Holistic Health Practitioners of Philippine Hilot in the State of California. At our clinic in National City, California we also perform reflexology, swedish circulatory massage, and sports massage. Evangelista Clinic is a father and son team. Reverend Cornelio Evangelista, HHP MT is one of the best massage therapist in San Diego. His " Healing Hands " will help you get back on your feet again.

What is Hilot ?

Hilot is one of the natural healing practices which has been used in the Philippines for thousand of years.It is commonly practiced in the countryside where government health centers are scarce and professional medical services are not affordable to the average citizen.Today, other natural healing practices which are more expensive are also widely used. They are faith healing, herbal healing, spiritual and supernatural healing, the miracle healing,massage therapy,reflexology, and accupuncture.